Silong Waterfall

Silong (4 dragons) Waterfall is not particularly hard to get to but it is an excellent day trip from Taipei. The main attraction at the waterfall is sitting under the waterfall on the wooden pallet but the area is also surrounded by a lush forest. You will have to ignore the functional but aesthetically ugly pavilion that the locals have built and a boulder crashed through. Silong Waterfall is also called Paozilun Waterfall due to thunder that often occurs in the area (source – Laorencha’s blog linked below).

Rating and length – easy – 1 km (30-40 minutes) round trip

Accessibility – located on a nice paved road – The trail is combination of improvised materials (scooter tires, rugs, paving stones, concrete, etc…) and it is slippery.

Estimated height – 15 meters

Elevation – 150 meters

How to get there – It is pretty easy to drive up to the unmarked trailhead from Shenkeng. It is also possible to get there using mass transit. I took the 236 bus from the Taipei Zoo to Shenkeng. I walked across the tourist bridge in the center of the village and then up the road. That will add 2+ km each way so I would recommend taking a taxi up to the trailhead and then walking down the hill.

The hike – The trailhead isn’t really marked in any way and it sounds like the locals are trying to keep this a bit of a secret. The trailhead is not the Paozilun sign on the right as you come up the road. From the road there is only the site of a faint trail on the left hand side with used scooter tires used as retaining elements for the gravel. The trail is a most interesting mish mash of random trail building methods and materials. The trail is quite easy to follow to the waterfall.

Extended hike – The Paozilun Trail looks like a great all day hike that ends near Silong Waterfall. I am not sure how well the trail is marked or what kind of shape the trail is in. Richard Saunders also describes a longer hike from Shenkeng that avoids the roadwalk but it might be difficult to find or follow to Silong Waterfall. More details are in his book Taipei Escapes 1.

Seasonality – unknown

GPS data – trailhead N24.988453 E121.606274 – waterfall N24.985914 E121.608037

Date visited – 12/3/2016

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