Neidong waterfall

The Wulai region was devastated by Typhoon Soudelor in August 2015.  It is likely to be closed for a considerable amount of time.

Neidong waterfall is an impressive 3 tier waterfall south of Wulai. In addition to the waterfalls Neidong is a known birding spot for photographers. The upper tier is an impressive broad waterfall with a nice viewing platform. The middle tier is taller and falls 20 meters into a nice pool. I did not know there was a lower tier until I got home but I’ve read that it’s smaller and less impressive.

The hike – This is a short walk along a paved trail and it will be busy on the weekends.

How to get there – It is located about 5km from Wulai (see instructions to Wulai waterfall) and you can walk or take a taxi to Neidong. I chose to walk because that’s what I like to do. It is a 1 km walk next to a tourist train to Wulai waterfall . When you are finished at Wulai waterfall walk on the road until you get to the suspension bridge and then take the waterfall trail to Neidong. There are about 10 small waterfalls along this trail.

Other info – No camping and no swimming. Entry fee 65/80 adults and 40/40 children. There is additional hiking in the Neidong area.

Resources – Neidong National Forest Recreation Area website

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