Laomei Reef


Laomei Reef is a geographical oddity along Taiwan’s northern coast.  Over hundreds or possibly thousands of years channels have been cut into a volcanic rock located within the daily tidal range.  But that is not the coolest part.  Every winter a brilliant green algal bloom covers the rocks.  This only occurs because the reef spends part of the day covered by water and part of the day exposed to the sun.  The reef is viewable all year round but the algal bloom is at its peak in April and May.  The high temperatures of the summer kill off the algal bloom.  In addition to coming during the right months you also need to check the tide table because the reef is under water for part of the day.

How to get there – Laomei is located at least 30 minutes east of Danshui (Tamsui) on the popular coastal highway #2.  The beach runs along most of the town so find any place with parking and it’s a short walk to Laomei Reef.  It seemed a little easier to find parking to the east a little outside of town.  You can also take a bus (Shimen/SanZhi/Jinshan) to Laomei that leaves from a small bus terminal across the street from the Danshui MRT.  Taxis from Danshui should cost around 500-600NT each way.

GPS – N25.292564 E121.544352

Resources – Check the tidal forecast – New Taipei – Sanzhi

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Date visited – 4/4/2015

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