Huangjin (Golden) Waterfall

Huangjin (Golden) Waterfall is one of the oddest waterfalls in Taiwan. It isn’t particularly large but the rust colored rocks are visually stunning. The rust color is so prevalent in the water that it discolors the sea at the mouth of the stream. Whether or not this is naturally occurring or the result of the regions mining history is heavily debated (according to Josh Ellis’s research) on the internet though. It is said that it was like this before the mining began over 100 years ago due to the naturally occurring minerals in the ground. Regardless the water is considered toxic.

Rating and length – no hike

Accessibility – located next to a road and a bus stop.

How to get there – It is located near Jiufen. It is a 20-30 minute walk from town or you can ride bus #856 from Ruifang or Jiufen.

Seasonality – seems to flow year round based on all of the photos on the internet

GPS info – N25.117632 E121.861775

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Date visited – 5/15/2016