Dongyan Waterfall 東眼瀑布

Dongyan Waterfall 東眼瀑布 is a small waterfall that falls into main river. Unfortunately, you will need to cross the river in order to swim in the perfect pool. This could be very, very dangerous after heavy rain and during the summer.

I did get bit many times by some sort of sand fly. Hopefully that isn’t common here because that was unpleasant.

How to get there – Dongyan Waterfall is located right at the Dongyan Bridge on county road 114. It will take less than 30 minutes to get there from Sanxia.

Mass transit – It is located next to the Dongyan Bridge bus stop. Bus 807 leaves from Sanxia about every 3 hours.

The hike – We accessed the waterfall by walking through a possibly closed restaurant and down to the rocks. The waterfall was a couple of minutes upstream of the restaurant. It is also possible to walk through the tunnel under the bridge and down a 2nd set of stairs to the river.

Google Maps Link – N24.868807 E121.412071

Date visited – 2/4/2017

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