Yunlong Waterfall (雲龍瀑布)

The middle tier at Yunlong Waterfall (雲龍瀑布)

Yunlong Waterfall (雲龍瀑布) is an impressive multi tier waterfall that tumbles down the north side of a steep V-shaped valley.  It is located on the Batonguan Trail in Yushan National Park.  The Batonguan Trail is a weeklong hike crossing Taiwan’s central mountains and several of Taiwan’s 3000 meter peaks can be accessed from the trail.  It ends at the Walami trail where you can view Shanfong Waterfall.  Yunlong translates to Cloud Dragon in English.

The hike – Yunlong Waterfall is about 4 kilometers from the Dongbu Hot Spring trailhead.  The trail begins steeply until you reach the small temple with refreshments and a toilet.  Not long after that the trail levels out and you hike along a well built trail in a steep V-shaped valley.  The trail is well maintained and heavily used.

How to get there – Take highway 21 from the north or south to Dongbu Road.  From there it will be a short drive to Dongbu Hot Springs crossing the new Dongbu bridge.  The trailhead is located shortly to the southeast of Dongbu Hot Springs but it’s best to park in the large visitor parking lot at the green suspension bridge.  Walk across the bridge, up the hill and turn left at the road.  You will see the mossy steps of the trailhead on the right about 50 meters down the road.

Other info –  No permit or entry required for dayhikers.  You will need a permit to camp in Yushan National Park (advance notice required).  Camping is available at Lele cabin 1 km past Yunlong Waterfall.  Yinu Waterfall is located 2kms past Yunlong Waterfall.

GPS data – trailhead: N23.55900 E120.92635 – waterfall: N23.55471 E120.94958

Date visited – 1/27/2012

Resources – Yushan National Park

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