Yuli Waterfall

Yuli Waterfall is small but you will likely have the place all to yourself. It is a river trace but more out of necessity than pleasure. There are very few slides or pools and it is a tedious hike due to it being overgrown.

Rating and length – hard – <2km (1+ hours) round trip

Accessibility – the hike is located near Hwy 14 but requires a bushwhack (slightly unpleasant) up a creek

How to get there – Drive up Hwy 14 from Puli towards Wushe. Park at the 74.5km marker. There is room for 2-3 cars on the shoulder for those going up the mountain. There is room for many cars to park going down the mountain. This is in middle of several twists on Hwy 14 and DO NOT TURN AROUND AT THIS PLACE in the road.

The hike – Follow the small road next to the creek for about 100m (scooters can drive it) and take the trail to the creek. Turn left at the creek and follow this upstream. You will spend almost the entire hike in the creek. The creek is overgrown and is quite frustrating to river trace. A machete would have been nice to open up the trail a little.

Seasonality – probably runs dry after long periods with no rain.

GPS info – N24.003751 E121.111598

Date visited – 7/16/2016

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