Tiebiluan Gorge Waterfall

Tiebiluan Gorge (帖比倫峽谷) is an idyllic swimming hole in a rarely visited place in Central Taiwan.  The waterfall is actually quite small but it flows into a perfect bowl for swimming.  Perhaps the most striking feature is the orange stained rock wall from a mineral water drip.  Warning – the roads are really rough for a long time.

Rating and length – easy – 30 minutes (round trip)

How to get there – Tiebiluan Gorge can be approached from Lishan or Wushe on county road 89.  County road 89 does in fact go all the way through (3/2015) but it is in awful shape for most of the route.  The less awful way to get to Tiebiluan Gorge turn off Hwy 14 near Wushe on county road 89.  This trip is best done using GPS since the turns are not particularly well marked.  Turn off of Hwy 89 after about 20 kms and switchback downhill to the river and cross the bridge.  After about 5 kms there is a signpost (well hidden) indicating a turn.  This is a small rough road that goes through a couple of tea farms and finally ends at a tea farm.  Near the end of the road there is a parking area (possible angry, chained dog) that you can park cars at.  Motorcycles can continue towards the house at the end of the road.  Before the houses gate turn left and go through the tea field as shown on the map.  There is a small spot for motorcycle parking not far past the tea farm.

The hike – Continue down the mostly overgrown road until you reach a trail.  After a couple of minutes the trail turns left (easy to miss) and leads to the river.  There are couple of small rickety ladders to climb down before reaching the river.

GPS data – N24.158088 E121.154777

Date visited – 3/22/2015