SongLong Rock Waterfall 松龍岩瀑布

Songlong Waterfall is one of two impressive waterfalls at the Shanlinshi Nature Park and Resort.  The nature park is worth a visit even if there weren’t any waterfalls.  There is a bontanical garden as well as several great hiking trails.  Due to its high elevation and abundant rain everything is covered in moss.  Songlong waterfall translates to Pine Dragon in Chinese and next to the waterfall is Songlong Cave/Rock where the dragon lives. And just for fun there is a giant penis totem pole near the waterfall.

The hike:  The shuttle bus drops you off at the waterfall and it will take 10-15 minutes to walk the short loop trail around the pond.  You will walk through the dragon’s cave and almost under the waterfall.  There is an additional 2km loop trail to the Ancient Red Cypress.

How to get there:  Take Hwy 151 all the way to the end.  Hwy 151 starts out as a typical, sprawling tourist village but after awhile it becomes an undeveloped, scenic drive.  Along the way there are several viewpoints where you can view the mountains from above the clouds.  You might see a great sunset outside of Shanlinshi. Cars are not allowed to drive within the park to waterfall but there is a shuttle bus route ending at Songlong Waterfall.

Other info:  Entrance fee – 250/person and 50/car.  Shanlinshi nature park and resort has a hotel, restaurant, gift shop, shuttle bus and 3 other waterfalls.

GPS data – waterfall: N23.61950 E120.80210 parking lot: N23.63963 E120.79134

Resources: Shanlinshi Nature Park and Resort

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  1. Haha. I’m an idiot – I didn’t read your instructions carefully, and thought we had to walk to the falls. DIdn’t really understand the bus thing… so I walked from the 2nd parking lot to the falls … it was a good walk I guess, anyway! 🙂 really nice falls 🙂 good volume of water – not too extreme right now 🙂

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