Shuixiao Waterfall

Shuixiao Waterfall

Shuixaio waterfall is a small waterfall that is located just off of Nantou county’s tourist corridor Hwy 151 (Shanlinshi and Xitou).  Despite this you’ll probably find yourself alone in this area.  Warning there is some trail damage and it could be dangerous during wet conditions.

The hike – It’s an easy 15 minute hike from the parking lot.  There will be a small cascade on your left near the parking lot but continue going straight until you get to the waterfall.  The trail is washed out in one spot and you will need to detour around this section but it’s not that difficult if it is relatively dry.  This section could be very dangerous if it is wet.

How to get there – Exit the #3 freeway and drive towards Sanlinshi and Xitou on hwy 151.  Get off Hwy 155 at county road 55.  Shuixiao Waterfall is located on a small road of road 55 in a section where it switchbacks a few times.  It’s very easy to get there with a GPS but you might make a few wrong turns w/o a GPS.  The parking lot is marked by a pair of unusable toilets, a sign and a visiible trail.

update (July 2015) – there are reports of additional damage to the trail making it impassable – not verified

Other info – There are plenty of areas to camp in this area (no facilities) and the entire Xiaobantian area is nice to drive around in.  It’s very scenic and there are also very few tourists.  It is the epitome of off the beaten path despite being located near the tourist hordes on Hwy 151.

GPS – Parking: N23.73445 E120.73698 – Waterfall N23.73505 E120.73920

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