Shuiliandong Waterfall

Shuiliandong Waterfall is one of my favorite waterfall day hikes in Taiwan. The hike isn’t especially hard but it is in a very remote part of Nantou County and it will require some effort to reach. The hike goes down a very nice and recently repaired trail. Before reaching the waterfall, hikers will need to cross an amazing red bridge that goes over a 100-200 meter deep canyon with vertical walls. Pinglai Waterfall is at the end of the canyon and it is actually more spectacular than Shuiliandong Waterfall. Unfortunately it is frequently dry. Shuiliandong can finally be seen from the top of the stairs. There is a little better view if you go down the stairs on the other side but it isn’t possible to go down to the base. It might be possible to river trace up to the waterfall but it appears that several 3-4 meter tall rocks block the route.

Rating and length – moderately easy – 3 km (1.5 hours) round trip

Height – 80-100 meters (my estimate)

Accessibility – The road is narrow and in poor condition but cars are fine – The trail is in very good condition and they recently (2016) repaired a landslide section with a new trail

How to get there – In Xinyi turn west following road signs to Aiguo on Hwy 59.  This is a small road that actually looks like an alley.  Cross the bridge and follow the road until you exit Aiguo.  You should be on Pinglai Industry Road on the left side of Pinglai Valley.  You will pass by the exit for glass bridge walkway (worth doing) shortly after Aiguo. This road is narrow but it is well maintained and easy to drive in a car.  Keep following this road until the 6.5km mark where there should be a chain across the road and a small parking area with room for three cars.

The hike – The hike begins at a small car parking area with a small orchard below it.  Don’t follow the road down but take the trail with wood fence.  The trail was really well built originally and it was recently repaired (2016).  After a few minutes you will come to a nice small waterfall.  After another 15 minutes you’ll reach an impressive red bridge spanning the gorge with outstanding views.  From here you can see down into a tight gorge and if it has rained recently you can view Pinglai Waterfall (much taller than Shuiliandong). After this you’ll walk uphill on a newly built trail to a viewing platform.  You can walk about 50 meters to the end of the platform for a great view of everything or descend down some stairs for a closer view of Shuiliandong Waterfall. The stairs only descend about halfway down but there is an overgrown trail at the bottom that goes another 10 meters to a slightly better viewpoint.

Seasonality – Pinglai Waterfall goes dry if it hasn’t rained in the last 2-3 weeks. Shuiliandong Waterfall could be dry from December to April some years.

GPS – Parking lot N23.66137 E120.82836 – Waterfall N23.65486 E120.82836

Elevation – 850 meters

Resources – Richard Saunders Off the Beaten Track writeup – my full blog with more photos

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  1. I wanted to visit this area for some time but found Richard’s info a bit discouraging. Normally it’s the other way around as I think sometimes you make trails more ‘dangerous’ then they are. Anyways, as to your experience, this hike and getting there seems easy. Could you explain the difference between your input and Richard’s regaring getting there with a car etc? Cheers!

    1. I think they must have resurfaced the road since Richard went there. It is a fairly typical mountain road. You won’t want to go fast but it is fine in a car.

      1. Great, thanks! I presume you also visited the boulder stuck between two rock hillsides, easy to get to? One more question, can you drive the car to Feiyun waterfall or only by scooter?

  2. I believe that it was still there but I can’t find a picture of it. And it has been a long time since I was back there but I am hoping to make a trip this summer. This waterfall might be dry in the spring though despite all of the rain that we have had.

    I am not sure but I think there might be a new glass bridge somewhere along the road. I need to check this out next time.

    It is possible to drive back to Feiyun in a car but this road is pretty rough in a few spots and really narrow.

    Are you the Patrik that I met one time in Laomei?

    1. Yeah, we met briefly at Qingshan waterfall where I introduced Laomei reef to you as it was perfect timing for the green algae. Anyways, I will do a couple of roadtrips this summer and therefore checking out some waterfalls on your site. Some new and some I visited before but in dry season. If you want to keep direct contact, you can e-mail me directly to my e-mail address I mentioned on this website. Cheers.

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