Shuanglong Waterfall

I first arrived at the bridge to Shuanglong (Double Dragon) Waterfall 雙龍瀑布 in 2012. I knew nothing about the waterfall except that it was on Richard Saunders’s top 20 favorite list and that the trail (or waterfall) was broken (a generic term meaning anything). A massive landslide wiped out the trail a few years earlier and the only way to the waterfall was across this amazing bridge. It isn’t a bridge for tourists though. It was built to supply the village of Shuanglong with water. At the time I didn’t know if it was allowed to cross it and to be honest was a little scared so I chose not to go across.

Since then I have seen many photos of people crossing the bridge and nobody cares even if it isn’t setup as a tourist bridge. 4 years later I finally was in the area and crossed the longest suspension bridge (over 300m long) in Taiwan. In addition to this bridge they have built a new trail to the waterfall for those that are scared of heights. Only the lower waterfall is seen on the hike though. There wasn’t a good viewpoint of the upper waterfall.

Rating and length – moderately easy – 2 km (1+ hour) round trip

Accessibility – good but narrow roads to Shuanglong Village – the trail is brand new metal stairs

Estimated height – 80 meters

Elevation – 725 meters

How to get there – Turn off of Hwy 21 and follow Hwy 16 about 8kms east to the small aboriginal village of Dili.  There will be two signs directing you to Shuanglong.  Follow the signs across the valley and drive up to Shuanglong.  The road is narrow through the village and there are very few obvious parking spots. You can start the hike at 3 places but the easiest is at the road with a mural of dancing men with interlocking arms. The other trailheads are at a beautiful church or a newly built trailhead several kilometers past Shuanglong (see map below).

The hike – These directions start at the mural of the dancing men. Follow the small road uphill until you reach an intersection. Straight = the old trail was destroyed by a huge landslide but it offers great views. Right = stairs (A LOT OF THEM) to the waterfall (take a left at the top). Left = access to the bridge. I chose to walk across the bridge on the way to the waterfall and take the new trail back. At the waterfall there are some old stairs (okay-ish condition) that lead up to a pavilion and eventually the new trail. The new trail is basically a steel staircase. It offers great views but it rises almost 200 meters in less than 1 km. The two trailheads are really far apart so pick one to start and finish from.

Seasonality – probably year round

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GPS – Trailhead 1 N23.782234 E120.944944 – Trailhead 2 N23.779347 E120.944935 – Waterfall N23.777686 E120.950539

Dates visited – 10/28/2012 and 11/6/2016

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  1. I’m a little confused by the hike directions – is the new trail for those afraid of heights accessible if you start at Trailhead 1? (So, in essence, you can start at Trailhead 1 with the dancing men mural, a group could go left to take the bridge and a group could go right to take stairs trail for those afraid of heights, and you would meet up at the pavilion?) Or is it an entirely different trail (Trailhead 2)? Basically, I’d like to know if there is an option for those afraid of heights to hike from Trailhead 1. Thank you so much for your great site!!

    1. Yes, you can choose to hike across the bridge or choose to go up a lot of stairs on the new trail from Trailhead #1. And then meet up at the pavilion or waterfall later.

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