Ruilong Waterfall

The trail is being rebuilt and the waterfall is officially closed for most of 2017.  There is still river access and you can reach the waterfall that way. Expect an updated guide later this year when they have completed construction.

How to the get there – Exit the 3 freeway at the Zhunan interchange.  Take Hwy 149 south 10 kms to Hwy 52 and turn towards Shanpingding.  There is an English sign when coming from the north.  Go through the small town and stay on Hwy 52 for 5-6 kms until the road ends at the waterfall.  The last 2 kms are rough but easily passable in a car.

The hike – The trail is closed for much of 2017 until they have rebuilt the trail and open a viewing platform. It is possible to access the river and get to the waterfall by walking up the river.

Other info – Free entry – Bathroom

GPS data – Parking lot: N23.664805 E120.688583 – Waterfall: N23.661166 E120.695055

Dates visited – 1/1/2013 and  1/14/2017

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  1. Just visited the site on the 24th March. After crossing the suspension bridge and walking up the composite walkway for about 300 yards there was a visitors deck. The trail stops there and a new trail down the slope was created it is only a path. Follow the path and eventually you get to the falls. You will have to climb over/past some big rocks.
    As you stand in front of the falls you can still see the steel braces clinging to the mountain side. There was a fire there about 7 years ago destroying the composite deck that was attached to the steel braces. It is still an awsome sight.

  2. The fire was less than 7 years ago since I was there 3 years ago and it was still intact. I wondered at the time if it wouldn’t be wiped out by rockfall though. It’s not too far from the visitor’s deck to the waterfall if you follow the river.

  3. Yep – trail is destroyed. Where it ends, and you can see the remaining supports, turn left and follow a path that’s been made by a construction vehicle, then turn right at the fork to go around to the right to see the river. You’ll see lots of rocks and possibly a scooper machine, you can get some sort of view of the falls from there. If there’s not so much water – you may be able to go a little bit further and get a proper view of the falls with the base.

  4. A beautiful waterfall in a natural setting. I would like to see a few trash containers placed in position for tourist to fill. The garbage found along the path is unsightly and detracts from the beauty and the pristine wilderness of the area. I was there last year at this time, and there have been many improvements as far as the approach to the falls is concerned. Now more people can enjoy the sights.

    1. Yes, I was back there a couple of months ago and the trail is closed but you can take a small side trail down to the creek and walk up the creek. Not very convenient until construction is finished but possible. I will try to update this soon.

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