Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is a steep climb from Dongbu Hot Springs.  If you look closely you can see a little red bridge and a different waterfall almost directly above Dongbu Hot Springs.  I did not see a rainbow at 11am in the winter so I will have to return sometime.

The hike:  It is not a long hike but it is all uphill.  The hike follows a steep road that passes several restaurants along the way.

How to get there: Take highway 21 from the north or south to Dongbu Road.  It will be a short drive to Dongbu Hot Springs crossing the new Dongbu bridge.  There is parking throughout Dongbu Hot Springs but I parked at the big visitor parking lot next to the green suspension bridge.  I think all roads going up in Dongbu Hot Springs eventually end at the Rainbow Falls trail.  I walked past the school and police station on my hike.

Other info: No entrance fee.

GPS data: waterfall: N23.56671 E120.93702

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