Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong waterfall is not even the main attraction at Tianti.  The waterfall ranks below both the Sky Ladder bridge and Taiji canyon.  Overall this is a great dayhike in southern Nantou county.

The hike – There are two entrances but this will start at the top.  This is a moderately strenuous hike going almost the whole way down to the bottom of Taiji Canyon.  It will take most strong hikers close to 3 hours to complete.  For the most part there is one trail that goes from the top to the bottom.  It splits and comes back together in two places before the sky ladder.  At the second split the signs (in Chinese) tell you to take the right branch to separate the ascending and descending hikers on the stairs.    After the sky ladder there are short trails going to a temple, the waterfall and to a lookout into Taiji canyon.  The trail ends at the other end of the lower suspension bridge where there is a second ticket entrance.

How to get there -Exit the 3 freeway at the Zhushan interchange.  In Zhushan turn south on Hwy 49.  Follow Hwy 49 and Hwy 49-1 for 15-20 twisty kilmeters uphill.  You will pass 10-15 Sky Ladder signs so there is little chance of getting lost.  There is a 2nd entrance using Hwy 149 and turning on Hwy 54.

Other info – 50NT/person plus 50NT for close parking.  Free parking is available at the small shrine 1 km away.

Caution – They strictly enforce closing time and they will turn hikers around if it is late.  Arrive by 2pm if you want to be sure to complete the hike.

GPS info – parking: N23.668972 E120.734028 – waterfall: N23.661917 E120.733417

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