Muguakeng Waterfall

Muguakeng Waterfall

Muguakeng Waterfall is a rarely visited waterfall on a secluded mountain road.  It’s also part of an interesting reforestation project.

The hike – It’s a 30 minute round trip hike down to the waterfall.  The trail is in good shape and there is a viewing platform (partially obstructed) of the waterfall.

How to get there – The waterfall can be reached from two directions (Hwy 151 and Hwy 21).  An even better idea is to drive or bike the entire road.

From Hwy 21 – Turn west in Xinyi on county road 59 (a narrow alley).  Follow this twisty alley to the river and cross the bridge to Aiguo.  In Aiguo turn right on Hwy 56 and follow this mountain road for 7 kms to a Muguakeng (Chinese) sign.  It’s best to park at the top of the hill and walk down to the trailhead.

From Hwy 151 – Turn east on Hwy 56 at a 7-11 and drive towards the Fonghuanggu bird aviary.  Go past the aviary through the scenic valley and shortly after a bamboo forest there will be a sign (in Chinese) and a small road leading down to the Muguakeng trailhead.  It’s best to park on top and walk to the trailhead.

Other info – There is a large reforestation project currently being done at this location.  All of the bamboo and brush has been cleared and seedlings have been planted.  This should look amazing in 5-10 years.

GPS info – N23.70105, E120.827694

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  1. Just FYI to others that are coming here… this trail is no longer in what you’d call ‘good shape’ .. I don’t think anyone has maintained the trail since you were here.. and not sure when the last person visited!
    The waterfall is still beautiful, but you need to watch out carefully for the trail – it’s mostly been taken over by nature.. and when you get to a split off point (go to the left) you can’t actually see clearly where you should be putting your feet (there are some deep holes to watch out for!) 😉

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