Linzhishan Trail

Linzhishan is one of a few great dayhikes in Yushan National Park. For a long time I didn’t know that there was any hiking that could be done at Yushan except hiking up Taiwan’s tallest mountain. Linzhishan starts at the Yushan trailhead but goes towards the south and gives hikers amazing views of Yushan National Park.

The hike isn’t very long but you are at elevation so you will go slower than normal and you cannot drive to the trailhead. I think there is a shuttle that you can arrange but it is a beautiful walk on empty roads and I highly recommend making it a full daytrip.

Warning – you are at almost 3000 meters of elevation and the weather can go from nice to ugly very quickly. We got hailed on a June hike with beautiful blue skies in the morning.

How to get there – Drive up Hwy 18 from Chiayi or Hwy 21 from Puli until you get to Tatajia. It is the highest point on the road and it is quite obvious when you get there.

The hike – I think you can arrange a shuttle to take you from the parking lot to the trailhead but we chose to walk since it was a nice day. They are plenty of signs for the Yushan Trailhead. Linzhishan leaves the trailhead in the opposite direction of the more famous Yushan hike and the trail is pretty easy to follow.

It starts out with a few switchbacks and then continues to climb up to the summit. The hike up mostly not shaded up to the summit where you can rest on benches or on a cleared area. The trail descends to junction where you can turn right and hike out to the road or continue on to Lulinshan. The hike becomes more wooded here and reaches a 2nd junction at Lulinshan. Turning right takes you down to a road (and a bathroom where we sheltered from a hail/rain storm) or you can continue to follow the ridgeline trail but it becomes more overgrown.

Google Maps Link – N23.475734 E120.900025

Date visited – 6/19/2016

Nearby waterfalls – Yunlong Waterfall

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