Jingying Waterfall

Jingying is most famous for its hot springs but it also boasts a very interesting waterfall that is one of the most colorful in Taiwan. The rocks are stained orange while the water is a deep green. In addition to Jingying Hot Spring more adventurous hikers can go to Yunhai Hot Spring about 1 km upstream of the waterfall. Be warned though you will have to pull yourself up a 8-10 meter rope that has been there a really, really long time.

How to get there – Jingying Hot Spring and Waterfall is almost at the end of Hwy 14 near Lushan. Just after the village of Lushan go down a very steep and narrow road that switchbacks several times before reaching the river. You can park just past the pedestrian/scooter bridge. This is where Jingying Hot Spring is but you will need your own shovel to access the hot spring water.

The hike – The waterfall is <0.5 km upstream from where you park. There is no trail but it is pretty easy to walk up there. You can also access the top of the waterfall by walking up the road on the other side of the river and then following a path. Going upstream from there will take you to Yunhai Hot Spring.

Caution – At the waterfall you might want to climb on rocks and cross fast flowing water to get a closer look. Be careful.

Google Maps Link – N24.030640 E121.198000

Date visited – 1/29/2017

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