Guanyin Waterfall

Guanyin waterfall is located on Hwy 14 near Puli. It is a short hike and a perfect place to stretch your legs before heading up Hwy 14 to Aowanda, Cingjing Farm or Hehuanshan.

Rating and length – Easy – 2km (round trip – 1 hour)

Accessibility – The trailhead is on the main road. The trail is well built but it is slippery in places. (7/2016 – 3 stairs were missing near the upper waterfall and there was caution tape blocking the path. Nobody obeyed the caution tape and it wasn’t dangerous to walk to the waterfall)

How to get there – Guanyin Waterfall is located off of Hwy 14 shortly after the 6 freeway ends in Puli.  It is in between the 64 and 65 km markers on Hwy 14.  There will be a bridge and a parking lot on the north side of the road with a vertical waterfall sign (Chinese) on the south side of the road.

The hike – The hike to Guanyin Waterfall starts at Guanyin Bridge (pedestrian traffic only) which provides an excellent scenic view of the river valley. Cross the road (a very busy road) and almost immediately you will reach the 1st tier of the waterfall. This part is fairly steep but the trail is well made and an even grade so it isn’t that bad. The trail follows the stream and there are multiple opportunities to go down to nice swimming holes (caution – don’t enter the water if it is moving swiftly). After 10 minutes the trail climbs some stairs to the larger 2nd tier of Guanyin Waterfall.

Seasonality – This one might go dry if there hasn’t been rain for several months (possible in Jan-Apr) but I am only guessing.

Other info – restrooms available in the parking lot.  Swimming is possible but it is a popular waterfall.

GPS info – parking – N23.9941 E121.032944 – waterfall N23.989420 E121.035630

Nearby waterfalls – Caidie Waterfall – Menggu Waterfall – Yuli Waterfall

Dates visited – 12/30/2012 and 7/16/2016

the smaller 1st tier is really close to the road

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  1. Now this was beautiful. It had been raining about 30mins before in the area, but it stopped while I walked up there, allthe cascades inbetween were so pretty! Such a nice area to go to 🙂 I saw quite a few people stopped/parked, but there were just checking out the bridge and the river. I wanted to say… go and check out the waterfalls!!

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