Furonggu Waterfall

Furonggu waterfall

Furonggu waterfall is located in the northern part of Nantou in one of the many scenic valleys.

The hike – It’s a 2 minute walk from the road on a well made set of stairs.

How to get there – There is a turn off of Hwy 21 at an unmarked alley shortly after (to the east) of a police station.  The road turns to the right and follows the creek upstream for about 5 kms.  The road branches twice and each time you want to follow the left branch.  Both turns are marked with Furonggu waterfall signs but one sign is only in Chinese.  You should be able to see the waterfall and the trail from the road.  This is a narrow road and there are several areas that are only wide enough for one car.  This looks like an excellent area to bicycle around due to low traffic.

Other info: Not much to do here.  The creek is inaccessible for swimming.

GPS info: N24.0915, E120.936972

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