Desing Waterfall

Desing Waterfall 德興

Desing Waterfall is a nice waterfall but the Xiaobantian area is an amazing place to spend the day sightseeing that is off of the tourist trail.

The hike – It’s a 2 minute walk from the parking lot.

How to get there – It is located near Hwy 151 more well known for Xitou and Shanlinshi.  Turn off of Hwy 151 and drive Ntowards Xiaobantian and small road #55.  Follow the road signs (in English) to Xiaobantian waterfall until you see signs to Desing waterfall.  There is a small roadside waterfall but Desing waterfall is at the end of the road.  The roads are a little rough but they are fine for all cars.

Other info – Xiaobantian waterfall is located nearby and is even bigger than Desing waterfall.  However the trail to the waterfall is completely gone and it would be very dangerous to hike to it.  There is a 30 minute trail that leads down to the river and offers occasional glimpses of Xiaobantian waterfall.  This area has several spots that you could set up a tent and it is an outstanding area to drive around sightseeing.

GPS – N23.69525 E120.75591

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  1. OH my goodness, that road was incredibly mean, felt so bad for my car.. then not so bad when I saw the falls! There were quite a lot of people just chilling by the pool, clearly had been swimming, and at the lower part people were just fishing 🙂
    I didn’t go exploring to xiaobantian though…

  2. This place is breathtaking. The first waterfall near the car park is quite small, as is the pool in front of it and was perfect for my two boys to play in (4 and 6 years old). There is an ankle deep ford in front of the pool which the boys also enjoyed splashing around in. The big water at the top is awesome. We managed to swim up to it and then stand right up against the rock and under the cascading torrent which is pouring down. Only note is the single track road which is not in great condition. Thanks for sharing. ; )

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