Caidie (Butterfly) Waterfall

Caidie Waterfall (彩蝶瀑布) lived up to its name when I saw 4-5 beautiful swallowtail butterflies along the trail. I didn’t have high expectations for this waterfall since I rarely see anything about it but I loved it. The hike was nice but the waterfall was much larger than I expected and the ending kind of reminded me of Yuemeikang Waterfall. Near the end you can’t see anything and then all of sudden you turn a corner and there is a wall of water falling into a lush bowl filled with mist.

Caidie Waterfall translates to butterfly waterfall but it has a second name also. It is also named Shizitou Waterfall translating to Lion’s Head Waterfall. I am hoping to make a quick stop this summer for a better photo. The waterfall falls with such forces that it was practically raining near the waterfall and it was impossible to setup the tripod for one of my typical photos.

Rating and length – easy – 2.5 km (1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – Parking is on Hwy 14 – trail requires about 10 water crossings and the waterfall area is extremely slippery.

How to get there – Caidie Waterfall is less than 1 km east of Guanyin Waterfall on Hwy 14 (near km 65). Just west of a small bridge there will be a parking lot with a small snack shop and bathrooms.  It is marked with a large 彩蝶瀑布 sign. Car parking costs 50NT (scooters less).

The hike – Cross Hwy 14 and start up an alley about 10 meters from the small bridge. After a couple of minutes it is chained off and it becomes a small path near the creek. The path is in good shape but it will require you to cross the creek about 10 times and it will be difficult (or impossible) to keep your feet dry. The route isn’t marked but it is relatively easy to find the trail at each crossing. There is one part of the trail with a rope to assist you up a slippery (<2 meter tall) rock. The waterfall is shortly after a giant orange colored boulder.

Seasonality – unknown

GPS data – parking N23.997048 E121.039168 – waterfall N23.994275 E121.045619

Date visited – 4/5/2016

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