Nantou is one Taiwan’s largest counties and likely contains the most 3000+ meter peaks and waterfalls.  It is an outdoor enthusiasts dream with an endless number of places (known and unknown) to explore.

Aowanda Waterfalls

Caidie (Butterfly) Waterfall

Chinglong Waterfall 青龍瀑布

Desing Waterfall

Fenghuang Waterfall 鳳凰瀑布

Furonggu Waterfall

Guan Hot Spring Campground

Guanyin Waterfall

Hehuanshan Mountain

Jingying Waterfall

Linzhishan Trail

Longfeng Waterfall

Menggu (Dream Valley) Waterfall

Muguakeng Waterfall

Nenggao Waterfall

Qinglong Waterfall

Rainbow Falls

Rueilong Waterfall

Shuanglong Waterfall

Shuiliandong Waterfall

Shuishang Waterfall

Shuixiao Waterfall

SongLong Rock Waterfall 松龍岩瀑布

Tiebiluan Gorge Waterfall

Xiaobantian Waterfall

Xitou Recreation Area

Yuli Waterfall

Yumenguan Waterfall

Yinu Waterfall

Yunlong Waterfall (雲龍瀑布)

Zhongkeng Waterfall

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