Xiaoxueba Waterfall

Xiaoxueba Waterfall was once a popular area with developed trails in southern Miaoli but it has been forgotten about. This is all about to change though. A new road/trail has been built halfway to the waterfall and the remaining work could be finished this year.

Everything written below will be very different once they have finished the construction project. It also might be inaccessible or more difficult to access during certain parts of the construction.

How to get there – Xiaoxueba Waterfall is on Pinglin Road (aka county road 55). It connects to Hwy 3 in two places and is an easy road to drive on. I did not check it out but the entrance to Xiaoxueba Waterfall from county road 55-2 is gated off.

Mass transit – Bus 5663 passes within a few km 3-4 times/day. This seems like a difficult option to make work.

The hike – This information will completely change when the finish construction and construction could block parts of this route. We started at the bridge on county road 55. The workers laid the concrete for path/road to the river on the day we visited. Follow this to the river. Sometime this summer (2017) they will build a bridge (hopefully) but for now you will have to improvise. Walk up the wall (25 cm wide) and jump down 1 meter. Next climb down a 2 meter part of the wall with no good footholds or handholds (NOT EASY). Once you are down with that cross the river and walk up the hill towards the old pavilions. There will be an old overgrown path that is easy to follow to the waterfall.

Date visited – 5/6/2017

Google Maps Link – N24.345140 E120.870979

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