Shenxian Waterfall

Shenxian Valley Waterfall (神仙谷瀑布) is located in a remote part of Miaoli County but it became very popular after it appeared in the Taiwanese movie Seediq Bale in 2011. On weekends hundreds will visit the waterfall and view it from an impressive bridge. It wasn’t obvious for English speakers but you can pay 100 TWD and see a second smaller but very nice waterfall near the restaurant. You can also go off trail and hike to the base of it. I would strongly recommend spending the rest of the exploring the beautiful valley near Luchang. There were also several restaurants with nice views that serve aboriginal meals.

Shenxian roughly translates to Valley of the Gods although there are several other translations such as Immortals that have been used. The many variations of possible translation are one reason that I rarely translate waterfall names into English. One interesting thing about waterfall appearance in the Seediq Bale movie is that the Seediq tribe doesn’t live anywhere close to this location. The Seediq tribe live in the high mountains in Nantou near Hehuanshan. The Saisiyat and Atayal aboriginal tribes along with Hakka Chinese live in this area.

Rating and length – easy – 0.5 km (20-30 minutes) round trip

extended hike – easy – 2 km one way

Accessibility – located on the main road – well-made stairs and bridge to the waterfall

Estimated height – 15 meters tall

Elevation – 700 meters

How to get there – From Hwy 124 in Miaoli turn onto county road 21 in Nanzhuang. County road 21 is a beautiful drive towards Luchang on what might be an otherwise empty road except for all of the cars going to this famous waterfall. The waterfall is at the green restaurant. There is some parking but on the weekend cars will be parked up and down the road.

The hike – Starting at the restaurant just go down the stairs until you reach the bridge and waterfall. For those wanting to do a little more hiking you can hike past the ‘DANGER’ signs on the other side of the bridge. The trail was really well built and it is a beautiful hike despite the warnings. The hike is straightforward and there is only one junction. The incorrect trail goes uphill to some power lines. After walking through an old building site you cross a small bridge that has been hit by many rocks. It is damaged but quite sturdy still.

Seasonality – unknown

GPS data – N24.545777 E121.030412

Dates visited – 12/10/2016

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