Maao Stream Waterfall

Maao Stream Waterfall (馬凹瀑布) isn’t a big or impressive waterfall but it is a beautiful place to relax. The cliff walls tower above you with all kinds of bizarre rock striations and if you are lucky you can find some fossils. At the first waterfall there is a nice swimming pool for hot days. More adventurous types can climb up a rope on the left side of the waterfall and explore more waterfalls further upstream.


How to get there – Take county road 62 to Taian Hot Springs. Turn left at a large green Cedarwood Villas sign just after km marker 13. Turn at an easy to miss left turn in <200 meters instead of going up the hill to Cedarwood Villas. Follow this small road slowly for about 1 km until you reach a sharp turn. There is room for parking for two cars at an old unused building.

The hike – Start at the building at the bend in the road and walk towards the creek. Initially, you will be on a worn path on the right side of the creek but after awhile that path disappears and you must walk on (or climb over) the rocks in the creek. You should be able to make it to the waterfall without getting your shoes wet.

Dates visited – 12/11/2016

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