Kuhuatan Waterfall

Kuhuatan (苦花潭) Waterfall is a small waterfall on one of Taiwan’s many backroads. Tour buses are quite common in Luchang now but this remains a secret place that few people will go to. There is a good reason for that though. The hike is short but difficult and even involves ropes to get to the bottom of the waterfall. Once you get there it is the perfect swimming hole with some good 6 meter jumps into deep water (check carefully before jumping).

Rating and length – moderately strenuous – 1 km (1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – It is located down a small paved road. The trail is nothing more than an overgrown path. It can be very difficult to follow.

Estimated height – 6-8 meters tall

Elevation – 900 meters

How to get there – From Hwy 124 in Miaoli turn onto county road 21 in Nanzhuang. County road 21 is a beautiful drive towards Luchang on what might be an otherwise empty road except for the popular Shenxian Waterfall. Follow road 21 all the way to the end and in the last small village turn right following the signs to Fengmei Waterfall. The trailhead for Kuhuatan Waterfall is at a fish farm with a downward sloping driveway and a locked gate. It doesn’t look like the fish farm is being used but don’t block the gate when parking. Fengmei Waterfall is 1+ km down the road just after a farm.

The hike – DO NOT GO INTO THE FISH FARM. At the gate there is a faint trail going downhill. The trail turns to the left and traverses the slope at a constant downhill angle. After 5 minutes the trail goes along the fish farm fence before leading down to the river. At the river you will be on top of the waterfall but there is a path to some ropes on the opposite side. The trail was extremely overgrown when we went and it would be easy to get lost or fall here. It is best to go as part of a group instead of alone.

Seasonality – unknown

GPS data – parking N24.542729 E121.020792 – waterfall N24.543049 E121.018911

Dates visited – 12/10/2016

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