Dashimen Waterfall

Dashimen Waterfall is a smaller waterfall on the way to the larger Shuiyun Waterfall. This photo is from 2012 but rocks have filled in the pool some and on my two trips since then (not sunny) it didn’t look this nice. Shuiyun Waterfall is about 1/2 kilometer further upstream in a very cool gorge.

How to get there – Go through Taian Hot Springs on county road 62.  Park at the large parking lot below the Police Resort Village.

The hike – The hike starts at the parking lot at the end of county highway 62.  Walk the concrete road for 15-20 minutes and go past the small Taian Hot Spring (one person can soak their feet). At the suspension bridge, you can choose to hike next to the river or you can cross the suspension bridge and follow the stairs up to the Hushan Trail Junction. Go right at the junction and follow the trail down to the boardwalk beside the river. The new walkway ends with a fence that you need to crawl over.  The intent is that they don’t want people going further but there were dozens of people upstream and the trails are well formed so it doesn’t appear to do anything.  Continue following the river until you reach Dashimen Waterfall.  It is easier to reach Shuiyun Waterfall if you stay left at Dashimen Waterfall and go around. At the end of the trail, the river goes through a tight gorge and a side stream flows into the main river.  Shuiyun Waterfall is 30 meters up this side stream.  Accessing Shuiyun will require crossing the river (1st time on the hike).  During the summer and after recent rains this might be difficult and it will require getting wet.  It is also possible to hike further upstream.

Caution – At Dashimen Waterfall (2 tiers) we saw someone with a life jacket almost get sucked in and under the waterfall.  Earlier we were just swimming there and someone insisted that we get out because of danger.  This was a few weeks after very heavy rains.

Google Map Link – N24.471270 E120.977604

Date visited – 9/23/2012 – 9/20/2015 – 12/11/2016

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