Langanan Waterfall


Langanan Waterfall is one of Sabah’s largest waterfalls.  It’s located on the eastern flanks of Mount Kinabalu and can be done after climbing Mt Kinabalu if you stay an extra night in Poring Hot Springs.  There are also many restaurants and guesthouses in the area.

Rating and distance – moderately strenuous – 9 kms round trip – 4+ hours

How to get there – it will take about 2-3 hours to get to Poring Hot Springs from Kota Kinabalu

Option 1 – Take a minivan to Ranau from the informal bus terminal near the Atkinson Clock Tower.  They depart when full, they are not comfortable and they cost about 20RM.  It will take about 2 hours to Ranau.  In Ranau you need to take a 2nd minivan or taxi to Poring Hot Springs.  It’s a short ride and the minivan or taxi costs a flat rate of 40RM.  You may or may not be able to find someone to share the ride with.

Option 2 – There are many travel agencies that do guided trips to Poring Hot Springs although they might not do the full waterfall hike

Option 3 – It is quite affordable to rent a car in Malaysia.  We rented a car in Miri for 280RM for 2 days.  It’s probably easiest to rent a car at the airport and save yourself the taxi ride to the city.  Take Highway 1 north from Kota Kinabalu and then turn east onto AH4.  Take this until Ranau and turn towards Poring Hot Springs.  Beware that this is a busy, twisty mountain road and you should be confident driving if you rent a car.

The hike – start at the main visitor center.  After paying go through the hot spring area and past the canopy walkway (an extra charge).  It will take you about 15 minutes to get to Kipungit Waterfall.  It’s nice but it’s usually crowded and it’s going to take awhile to get to the end of the trail.  The trail passes a bat cave but it’s not that impressive.  It never becomes really steep but the trail continually ascends approximately 100m for every kilometer.  At around 3km you reach a river and the waterfall is upstream another kilometer (30 minutes).  First you will see a nice small waterfall but if you continue you will come to Langanan Waterfall.  There is a small sitting area but the swimming is probably better at the small waterfall downstream.  Be sure to bring 2+ liters of water because it will take 4 hours.

Cost – 15RM for foreigners

Resources – ranks Langanan Waterfall as the 2nd best waterfall in Sabah

GPS – visitor center N6.047894 E116.702550 – waterfall N6.063753 E116.686079

Date visited – 2/22/2015

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