Qiweishan Hike 旗尾山

The trail extends down the ridge towards Meinong

Qiweishan is a short (1km) but steep hike.  The hike climbs nearly 1000 stairs until you reach a shrine at the top.  From the lookout you will have a 360 degree view of the surrounding area but unfortunately smog frequently obscures the view.

Rating and length – short but moderately strenuous – 2km and 1 hour roundtrip – 250 meter elevation gain

When to go – The best weather for hiking is from October to April.  The best bet for a clear view is to hike in the summer heat.  Different wind patterns create relatively smogless skies for most of the summer but be prepared to sweat excessively since it is a short but demanding hike.

The hike – It starts at a small motorcycle parking area.  Initially the trail is a sloped path but eventually it becomes stairs.  Near the top the stairs become very steep with the final section gaining 100 meters of elevation in about 150 meters of trail.  Railings and ropes are provided to assist hikers.  The destination is the small shrine with great views but the hike does not end here.

Alternate hike #1 –  Near the turn off of Hwy 28 there is a different trail up to the shrine.  I have not hiked this but it looks like a steep dirt path with ropes and a bit of a scramble.  You could easily walk back the other your vehicle and do this as a loop.

Alternate hike #2 – This looks like an outstanding hike but I have not hiked this.  After the shrine you can continue along the ridge for several kilometers.  The trail looks like there would be several rope sections and possibly some dicey spots but the views are spectacular.  This GPS map shows one possible exit on a secondary road.  You would need to arrange transport in between the two points.  The easiest way would be to get a taxi in Qishan up the secondary road and walk back to Qishan.

How to get there – The trailhead across the Gaoping River from Qishan.  Immediately east of the Qishan Bridge (Hwy 28)  turn north onto 113-2.  The turn won’t be marked but south of the turn will be a colored hotel and the Qishan Sugar Factory.  Cars will likely need to park in the parking lot of the Qishan Scenic Bridge (pedestrian and bike bridge) but motorcycles can park right at the trailhead 1 km ahead.

GPS – N22.895291 E120.489833 (trailhead) – N22.896950 E120.496886 (shrine)

Other info – no facilities and free – numerous temples are at the base of the mountain if you go for a scenic ride

Additional resources – English in Taiwan Qiwei hike blog

Date visited – 2/1/2015

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  1. I have done the hike from Qiwei to Meinong. You don’t really go along the ridge(as I thought when I started out) but more up and down the whole way. You can do a 2-4 hour hike to Lingshan and go down on a paved road or you can continue another 2-4 hours to Shuangfengshan/Yueguangshan. Some people recommend wearing gloves to grab the ropes. I found that a hiking stick was a nuisance because you are holding ropes most of the time.

    1. This is on my to do list (impossibly long list) so thanks for the info. Would you be able to get taxis at the Shuangfengshan/Yueguanshan end or would it be best to start at that end and walk back to Qishan?

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