Maolin Waterfall

In 2013 the Taiwan government spent 27M TWD (900,000USD) rebuilding an awesome trail back to one of my new favorite waterfalls.  I attempted to hike back here in 2012 but the trail was completely wiped out from Typhoon Morakot.  I was able to hike a fair distance up the river but I was stopped by a nice 10 meter tall waterfall.  Now the trail is perfect.  It goes through some lovely stands of bamboo and across two impressive suspension bridges.  The signboard at the waterfall claims it to be 100 meters tall but I would be surprised if it was half that height.

Rating and length – easy – <3 kms and 1+ hour (round trip)

How to get there – About 5 kms after Maolin Village turn right at the fire station and follow the signs to Deengorge and Maolin Valley.  Immediately after crossing the bridge turn right.  There are 4 or 5 small parking lots next to the road.  The last parking lot charges 50 TWD (cars) and 20 TWD (motorcycles).  It is only an additional 1/2 km from the first parking lot.

The hike – The trail starts near the final parking lot where there is a food stand (probably grilled fatty sausages).  At the trailhead there is a shelter and a nice swimming hole. There are two suspension bridges to walk over. At the end of the hike there is a very small viewing point but you can go down to the bottom of the waterfall using ropes.

Alternate route – After each of the suspension bridges there are ropes in place to access the river for those that want to river trace (be careful and bring proper equipment).  After the 2nd suspension bridge there is a small bonus waterfall that can be accessed if you go down to the river (use the rope) and walk upstream 10 minutes.

Other info – You are very close to DeenGorge Guesthouse and this is one of my favorite spots to camp in Taiwan.

GPS –  trailhead N22.888759 E120.677851 – waterfall N22.884710 E120.681818

Dates visited – 11/25/2012 and 11/1/2015

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  1. I made an attempt to find the waterfall by going upstream yesterday (July 2nd 2013). As we had ran over the last few weeks the river was flowing and it was a bit of a struggle after about 15 min going upstream I decided to dump all of my camera equipment and splash through the water. I went up for another 40-60min before deciding to turn back as it was getting late. I had passed 3 broken bridges and ended my adventure at a huge white rock (about the size of a small house) in the river. If anyone gets any further let me know how much further it was.

    1. Trevor – How was the water level after the heavy rain that we have had in May?

      I think it was just around the next bend… If you go back there is the small waterfall that I saw somewhere along the main stream but I think you need to refind the trail to get to the actual Maolin Waterfall. Just before the small waterfall you can see a red bridge on the right. It might be possible to get to find the trail up there or the trail might be completely gone. I have to go back sometime but it probably won’t be until after the summer.

      1. I got my month wrong on the last post it’s June now 🙂 The water is about knee deep all the way up the stream and it can get deeper when the water is forced around larger rocks. There was a small waterfall on the left side when I was going upstream in a part where the walls seemed to be sheer rock on either side this was about 100m before I started finding parts of the old bridge. The bridge is now sitting on the left side lodged between a few rocks the support wires are on the right side of the river a bit further up. I’ll probably try and go up river in a month or so when the water has dropped a little I’ll let you know if I find anything.

    1. My photo is from downstream in the river. After Typhoon Morakot destroyed the trail and much of southern Taiwan that was as far as you could if you walked up the river. They completely rebuilt the trail recently and now you can get back to the waterfall. I haven’t been able to revisit it yet and I was guessing on it taking an hour. I’m surprised there was any water since we have been in a big drought. Perhaps I need to take a trip out there soon.

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