Lover’s Gorge Waterfall

Lover’s Gorge (Cingren) is one of those perfect waterfalls.  There is even a waterfall in the parking lot (1st tier) and there is a perfect swimming pool with ropes to climb and jump in.  There is a small pavilion and it is possible to reach a 3rd (I have been) and a 4th tier (a friend has been).  The entire trail was rebuilt around 2013 or 2014.  The waterfall will likely be dry by January although the pool will still be full.

Rating and difficulty – Easy – <1km round trip – 30 minutes

How to get there – It is located directly across the valley from Maolin Village.  In Maolin Village follow the signs to Lover’s Gorge (Cingren) downhill until you see two bridges.  Cars and scooters are able to cross on the larger bridge.  After crossing the bridge just follow the road another 0.5 km to the end.  Parking is limited so cars might need to get creative or walk a little further.

The hike – Go up the stairs and cross the new bridge.  The trail to the 3rd tier (in terrible shape) is on the right when you get to the pavilion.  The waterfall viewing platform is right after the pavilion.

This is a perfect swimming hole but always be careful.  In September 2015 a 17 year old Taiwanese student drowned.  There was some speculation that he was pulled under by the force of the waterfall. This occurred a few weeks after a typhoon.

GPS info – waterfall N22.87530 E120.66682 – parking lot N22.87591 E120.66640

Other info – no entry fee. Parking lot with bathrooms. Camping is better at Deengorge Guesthouse 4-5 kms away.

Dates visited – 12/4/2011, 2/19/2012, 11/1/2015

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  1. Beautiful place! There is a new bridge across the river, so you can drive right to the lower falls. After I found your website, I learned that we have a mutual friend Whitney Tsou. Laura and I stayed at the DeenGorge Guest House and met Big Head, he is great, and the campsites were beautiful. Thanks for the info!

    1. I’ve been out there twice this winter but I haven’t had enough time to go across the new bridge. I also need to update my waterfall site because I think there are about 10 new ones to add but I’m also planning on combining it with my personal site because it doesn’t make sense to manage two sites. I’m glad you enjoyed DeenGorge but it would be hard not to.

  2. I went here today… really nice to visit early (around 8am sunday) … cos you have the place to yourself.. no one but yourself to witness the epic fails I had trying to jump/slide off rocks into the upper falls pond 😛 HAHA
    And yah, the red bridge is nice to drive across. the car park is shite though – (for cars – scooters would have no problem) the entrance to it has evil rocks that kill the underside of your car nomatter HOW slowly you inch over them 😛 haha

    The bathrooms.. I’m not sure how often they’re cleaned… the normal squat ones are really scary… the disabled isn’t too bad though…

    1. There are some buses that run from Qishan (need to take a bus to Qishan first) to Maolin Village all year. During the butterfly season (Nov to Mar) you can get a bus from Kaohsiung or Tainan to Maolin village. The waterfall is a 20-30 minute walk from the village.

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