Liuyi Mountain Trail

Liuyi is a relatively unknown hike despite rewarding views of Nanhua Reservoir, Jiaxian and Qiweishan.  Qiweishan is the long ridge in the middle left of the photo and is also an excellent dayhike.  The hike ascends on a well built trail built of retaining posts and gravel.  There are several beautiful pavilions and a lookout tower to rest at and almost continual views in every direction.  At the peak is a memorial to those that died resisting Japanese rule

Liuyi references a rebellion against Japanese rule in 1915 (Tapani incident) and literally means six martyrs.  Taiwanese stormed several Japanese police stations and killed many.  As retribution the Japanese killed entire villages (1000’s of people) and Paul Katz has published a book titled ‘When Valleys Turned Blood Red’.  The mountain has been named after them in remembrance of the incident and there is a memorial at the peak.

Rating and length (Zixia to Liuyi Monument) – moderate (a lot of ascending) – 6+ kilometers – 3 hours round trip – additional time required if hiking to the other trailhead and back.

How to get there – Liuyi Mountain Trail is on Hwy 20 near Jiaxian on the Kaohsiung/Tainan county line.  There are 4 trailheads marked on Hwy 20 between Jiaxian and county road 179.  It is unknown what kind of condition the roads to the other trailheads are in but they would be far easier hikes since they start at a higher elevation.  Zixia Trailhead is about 100 meters east of county road 179 with a brown sign on the main road.  After turning onto the small road stay left and you arrive at a trailhead marker.  There is room for one car to park in a spot on the little road.  The trailhead is 50 meters up the smaller and rougher road but most cars can make it up this road to a larger parking area.  Additional parking is possible 200-300 meters away near Hwy 20.

The hike – The trailhead is on the other side of the house.  The sign says that the trail is mostly flat but this is a lie.  While there are steeper trails this is definitely not flat in any way for those starting at the Zixia trailhead.    It starts up some stairs and almost immediately offers great views of Nanhua reservoir.  It becomes less steep and then goes up a hill to Baiye Junction.  The Baiye trailhead is close to the trail but it’s unknown if a car can make it the hill.  One of the best views on the hike is from Guanba Pavilion overlooking Nanhua reservoir.  1 kilometer later you reach Lansheng Lookout Tower offering great views of Jiaxian but the best views (pictured above) are near the Liuyi Monument.  The view stretches from Jiaxian outside the left frame of the photo to Qishan far in the distance in the middle of the photo.  The large visible ridge in the middle left is Qiweishan.  The monument is at the summit and the trail continues over the summit to another entrance in 1.25 kilometers.  There are three additional pavilions on that stretch of trail.  Ideally someone would have two cars/scooters and leave one at each trailhead.

GPS – trailhead N23.068423 E120.555316 – Liuyi Monument N23.086396 E120.570501

Date visited – 4/19/2015

Resources – Tapani Incident

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