Hulugu Waterfalls

Hulugu is a small valley just north of the entrance to Maolin Valley.  It is also signed as Calabash Valley and I had no idea what calabash is.  I thought it might have an aboriginal name but it is actually a type of gourd.  The name is derived from a gourd shaped swimming hole right under the highway.

The waterfall itself is <10 meters tall but it is a nice and relaxing place that few people know about.  Unfortunately there is a little trash scattered about.  In addition to the first waterfall there is a larger valley that can be explored.

Rating and length – Easy – <1km round trip (30 minutes)

How to get there – Take Hwy 27 north from the Maolin Valley Entrace for about 4 kms.  Just after the 19.5 km marker there will be a small shrine and the road will narrow at brown sign indicating a turn for Hulugu (Calabash Valley).  It is best to park along the road somewhere instead of driving up the steep and slippery road that has very little parking.  The swimming hole will be 50 meters north of this area.

The hike – Start at the road and hike uphill on the small road for 5-10 minutes.  At a farmhouse turn left at an unmarked path that has staggered fences to prevent scooters from using the trail.  It will only take 5 minutes to get to the best waterfall but the trail continues to a larger valley that has several small waterfalls and swimming holes.  The trail has been partially washed out under the concrete pavers for part of the trail so BE CAREFUL and walk on the inside portion.  In the larger valley there is no trail so you will have to pick your own route next to the creek.  There isn’t a particular destination to go for but there are many smaller waterfalls and swimming pools.

GPS info – N22.925674 E120.653497

Date visited – 11/1/2015