Duona Suspension Bridge

Duona Suspension Bridge was built during the Japanese occupation and is Taiwan’s highest bridge at 103 meters above the river valley.  Many tourists cross the bridge on foot but locals will also cruise past tourists on the bridge on their scooters.  I have also crossed the bridge on my motorcycle and it isn’t that bad.  After Typhoon Morakot (8/8/2009) this was the only remaining bridge in Maolin linking Duona Village with the outside world.

Rating and length – easy – 3 kms (1+ hour) for everything round trip

How to get there

Option 1 – You can park at the northwest end of the bridge (shown in the photo).  Turn off the main road (road 132) in Maolin Valley when you see a sign for Meiya Waterfall on the left.  In a couple minutes take the first right turn.  Park on the side of the road.

Option 2 – Stay on the main road (road 132) and cross the river on the new white bridge.  At the top of the hill there is parking for Longtoushan (Dragon Head Mountain) and Duona Suspension Bridge.  To access the car parking lot turn right immediately after going under the small pedestrian bridge.

The hike – You don’t need to hike if you choose option 1 but you can walk across the bridge and hike to Longtoushan (Dragon Head Mountain) using the opposite directions as below.

From the Longtoushan parking lot cross the road. You can turn left and go over the pedestrian bridge for a short hike down the dragon’s back.  At the end is a nice viewpoint of both bridges.  From here hike back to the pedestrian bridge and follow the boardwalk (moderately steep for a short section) until it connects to a small road.  Along the way hikers can see Shetoushan (Snakehead Mountain) on the right.  Follow the road for 5-10 minutes until you get to the bridge.

Other info – bathrooms available at the bridge

GPS data – Longtoushan Parking N22.909210 E120.690190 – Duona High Bridge N22.914538 E120.688290

Date visited – 12/26/2015 (and various earlier dates)