DeenGorge Waterfall

DeenGorge waterfall might not be big enough to be officially named but that didn’t stop me from taking photos.  It is a two tier waterfall located on the road near the DeenGorge guesthouse.  It also is the only water source for the guesthouse.

How to get there – Take Hwy 27 to Maolin Valley.  Enter Maolin Valley and go thru Maolin village to the 2nd small village about 7km from the valley entrance.  Turn right at a campsite sign (also DeenGorge in Chinese).  The road will go down to the river.  Currently there is a temporary bridge that might washout during the summer but a permanent bridge is expected to be built in 2012.  The waterfall will be located on the main road.  The DeenGorge Guesthouse is on the left shortly after the waterfall.

DeenGorge Guesthouse info – This is a charming guesthouse that during the summer has been cut off from the main road since Typhoon Morakot. Currently there is a temporary bridge crossing the river but they expect a new bridge to be built in 2012.  They offer camping (200/per/night) and a guesthouse (2500/weekends and 2000/weekdays).

GPS info – Turn from main road: N22.89366 E120.67077 Waterfall: N22.89570 E120.67697

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  1. I went here today. The rope you can see in your pic looks a bit different now… I think that rope died somewhere…there’s one it’s further off to the right. Don’t know how long it had been since someone had visited lots of webs and the ropes were interesting. I went up and checked out the upper pool. Was quite nice 🙂 (you don’t have a pic of it on here)

    Your pictures look a lot more ‘luscious’ / ‘green’ than mine.. perhaps the typhoon/s changed the look of them a little bit. Still nice to visit though.

  2. Please note DeenGorge waterfall (first and second level waterfall further up are OFF limits ) is on private land and only open to DeenGorge guests.

    1. Could you clarify a little?

      Is it off limits for non-guests to stop at the road and look at the first and second tier? Or is it off limits to go above the second tier?

      Did you have an issue out there or was this the Deengorge Guesthouse making a general comment about the waterfalls when you visited?

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