88 Waterfall

I have traveled all over Taiwan since the devastating Typhoon Morakot hit on August 8, 2009.  For the first time I found a place created by the typhoon instead of being destroyed.  Prior to the typhoon there was a creek that descended down a steep valley.  Typhoon Morakot replaced the steep valley with a sheer cliff that could be close to 100m tall.  Typhoon Morakot is often referred to as 8/8 (the date and not eighty eight) and this waterfall was named 88 Waterfall (八八瀑布).

While the 88 waterfall was created by Typhoon Morakot another nearby waterfall was completely destroyed.  Longfeng Waterfall was a major sightseeing destination in Namasia and anything that wasn’t washed away was completely filled in with rock.  It many cases all over southern Taiwan the riverbed rose over 10+ meters due to the rock and silt being deposited.  There is no sign that a waterfall or hiking trail was ever there now.

Currently there isn’t a trail to the 88 waterfall.   It is possible but difficult to walk up the creek to the waterfall.  Valas Guesthouse and Camp (relocated) leads a hike that ends on top of the waterfall and the local community is discussing a new hiking trail to the waterfall.  It is likely that the accessibility to this waterfall improves in the next few years.

Rating and length – N/A

The hike

The first option is a short but challenging boulder hop up the creek.  The first part of the creek can be avoided by walking through a tree farm on the left bank but eventually you will have to enter the creek.  You can make it the whole way but it would be better to go with a second person to assist with getting over the larger boulders

The second option is to stay at Valas Guesthouse and Camp and they lead hikes to the very top of the waterfall.  Not sure if you can see much of the waterfall but I will check it out next time. Directions to be updated soon (4/9/2016)

How to get there – Go north from Jiaxian (Hwy 20 and Hwy 29 intersection) on Hwy 29 all the way to the end of the road.  Shortly after the CPC gas station (operational) turn right at a junction and the 88 waterfall is about 1 km up the creek to the right.  There is also a trail/road near the end of the road but I have not been on it yet.

GPS – Stream N23.281130 E120.724403

Other info – Namasia is a popular firefly watching spot in late April and May.  This is the beginning of the rainy season so conditions might not be great (constant rain) but you have a good chance at waterfalls and fireflies on the same trip.  Link – A firefly photo from Rich Matheson.

Date visited – 9/27/2015