Yes, I know that Kaohsiung is officially known as a city but I still consider the regions with hiking trails and waterfalls to be Kaohsiung County.

Kaohsiung is where I have lived since I moved to Taiwan in 2009.  2009 was also the year that Typhoon Morakot destroyed much of the infrastructure in the mountainous area of Kaohsiung.  For several years access was limited in the Namasia and Taoyuan (district) regions but access is slowly being restored and trips are being planned to find some of these waterfalls.  It’s fairly common for southern Taiwan to not get any rain from November until April and many of the waterfalls in this area dry up by January.

88 Waterfall

Banpingshan Hike

Dazhi Waterfall

Deengorge Guesthouse

Deengorge Waterfall

Duona High Bridge

Guifu Waterfall

Hulugu Waterfalls

Liuyi Mountain Trail

Lover’s Gorge Waterfall

Maolin Purple Butterfly Trail

Maolin Waterfall

Meiya Waterfall

Qiweishan Hike

Shikeng (and Qikeng) Hot Spring

Yuanlin Historic Trail


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  1. Hey, I’m looking for the organisation that rebuilds walkways, bridges etc after typhoons or earthquakes in Taiwan, for these waterfalls and view points. Any ideas who it may be or how to contact them? its a stab in the dark i know but worth a try as I’d like to be a part of it. Many thanks.

    1. I have never heard of volunteer trail building groups like they have in the US. It seems like trails are damaged and they don’t get fixed until professional crews come in and work on them. Let me know if you ever find out anything yourself.

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