Sipisopiso Waterfall

Sipisopiso Waterfall is one of Indonesia’s most famous waterfalls and this waterfall singlehandedly inspired my entire trip to Sumatra.  It is touristy and there isn’t much of a hike but it is a stunning waterfall.  The waterfall falls over 100 meters from a cave and visitors can turn around and see Lake Toba from the main viewpoint.

Rating and length

Most visitors only go to the viewpoint which can be reached in <5 minutes from the parking area

There is a trail (over 600 stairs) down to the base of the waterfall – not hard but a lot of stairs (< 1 hour round trip)

How to get there – It will take about 4 hours to get to Sipisopiso Waterfall from Medan or about 1.5 hrs from Berastagi on the main road.  In Merek you will have start going down to Tongging (small village on Lake Toba).  Sipisopiso is well signed and just off of the road.

The hike – Most people only view Sipisopiso from the main viewpoint but there are some stairs (over 600 of them) that lead to the bottom of the waterfall.  There are a couple of snack/drink vendors on the way down to the waterfall.  I think swimming is allowed (don’t go close to the waterfall) but it was cloudy and overcast when I went.

Cost – 4,000 IDR entry/person and 5,000 for car parking

Guides – not needed and probably not available

GPS info – parking N2.916019 E98.523062 – waterfall N2.916623 E98.520027

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Date visited – 2/10/2016