Sikulikap Waterfall

Sikulikap Waterfall is a fairly impressive waterfall but everything else is less impressive.  The hike goes underneath several loud restaurants (Penatapen), trash is scattered all over the trail and there isn’t anything to do at the waterfall other than take a quick photo.  One great thing about Sikulikap is that it is located right next to the road and it is easy for tourists to reach using the bus.

Rating and length – easy – <2ks (1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – Some slippery rocks/water on the trail but most should be able to hike it easily.

How to get there – It is located about 15 minutes north of Berastagi (1.5 hours from Medan) on the main road.  On one of the overlooks there are about 12-15 soccer club themed (Man U, Chelsea, Juventus, AC Milan, etc…) restaurants.  The trailhead is located next to the furthest north (downhill) restaurant (Green Leaf Restaurant).

The hike – Start down the stairs through the Sikulikap Waterfall gate.  The trail ends up just below the noisy restaurants and leads right to the waterfall.  After 10-15 minutes you reach a section with an old blue railing.  In a few parts the blue railing has fallen off the cliff in small landslides.  There is plenty of room to safely hike but you are right next to a really steep cliff so use caution.  At the waterfall there is a small pavilion but the strength of the waterfall creates a heavy mist and it isn’t pleasant to stay at the waterfall.  Swimming would also be a terrible idea due to the strength of the current and continuous rapids downstream that could sweep you away.

Cost – free but there is a parking fee at the restaurants

Guides – not available and not necessary

GPS – trailhead N3.245321 E98.534078 – waterfall N3.241278 E98.537284

Date visited – 2/14/2016