Ponot Waterfall


Siguragura Waterfall was Indonesia’s tallest waterfall (250 meters) until they built a dam upstream.  Ponot Waterfall (often called Siguragura Waterfall) is located a few hundred meters away and appears to be a diversion tunnel falling from an unnatural part of the cliff.  It is also likely even taller than the original waterfall and it is a really impressive.

We didn’t have time to fully explore the Asahan River Valley but it looks like there are a lot of less visited amazing places to check out.  We saw two other impressive waterfalls from the roadside and there are likely many others if you go further downriver.  We didn’t check out the dams and it was a little difficult to understand the exact construction of the dams, reservoirs and generators.  I would love to know more if anyone can find a link to the construction of the dam or original photos of the waterfalls.

Rating and length – 5 minute hike

Accessability – The road is in good shape but it is a long trip.  Getting near the base will involve crawling on/over rocks but you are really close from the road.

How to get there

I am not sure of any lodging near Ponot Waterfall or even Porsea (1 hour away) but Parapat or Tuk Tuk (Samosir Island) would be good options to plan a trip from.  It will take about 2 hours to get there from Parapat.

Turn left in Porsea on what looks like a random road (use Google maps for extra help).  Follow this road through the village staying left (stay on the same road surface) at a couple of Y’s in the road.  After 15-20 minutes you come to another Y in the road and take the left fork again leading you through a small village.  Continue through the village and go past the military buildings.

There will be a sign for a dam but continue straight and shortly after there will be a small waterfall shooting out of a cliff on the right.  Follow this road past another sign for a dam and eventually it will lead to the bottom of the valley.  There will be an option for a left turn but it was controlled by security.  Shortly after this turn right off of the main road marked with Air Terjun Ponot.  This small road passes over the generator outflow that is piped underground (not obviously visible unless you look at Google Earth) and then an electrical substation.  The waterfall is only a 5 minute drive from the turn.

The hike – There is a short path that leads up to the base of the waterfall.  On weekends there will be several snack shops but on weekdays you will be almost alone.

Entrance cost – free

Guides – not needed

GPS data – N2.554745 E99.306522

Date visited – 2/12/2016