Dua Warna (Two Color) Waterfall

Dua Warna is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that I have ever seen.  Taiwan has several waterfall (for example Maolin Waterfall) with transparent blue pools but I have never seen opaque blue pools like this (Erawan Falls in Thailand was close or glacial lakes).  The locals don’t know what colors the pool either.  The hike goes through a beautiful forest on a slippery but great trail.  There is a second waterfall (clear water) directly opposite of Dua Warna and I believe that is where the Two Color name comes from.

Rating and length – moderate – 8kms/3 hours round trip

Accessibility – the final km of the road is in awful condition and the trail is very slippery with many tree roots and 2 water crossings

Update – (June 2017) – Dua Warna Waterfall has reopened after a lengthy closure due to a tragic flash flood accident.  Article link (flash flood)

How to get there – Dua Warna is an easy day trip from Medan or Berastagi.  I stayed at Nachelle Homestay in Berastagi and they run regular trips (upon request) to Dua Warna Waterfall.  Turn off of the main road at Sibolangit Village and you will drive through a large campground (school groups usually).  At a junction choose the bone jarring stone road and take it to a few small shops where the guide will be.

The hike – The hike starts up a small road that becomes a concrete trail.  The trail goes up a long and continuous slope of rocks, mud (if it has rained) and tree roots.  It isn’t really hard but it is continuous.  Finally the trail goes down a steep but short downhill to the river.  It will only take another 20-30 minutes to get to the waterfall depending on how fast you are able to cross the two river crossings (shoes almost certainly get wet).  There are no leeches on the trail regardless of how wet it is.

Entrance cost – there is one (part of the guide fee) but it was all negotiated by the guesthouse

Guides – required (AFAIK) and helpful – unsure of price since I booked through my guesthouse

Note – There is an extreme amount of litter near the waterfall which is sad and there are nearly 100 pairs of discarded shoes and sandals along the trail.

GPS – parking N3.272817 E98.536635 – waterfall N3.259406 E98.513165

Date visited – 2/11/2016

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