Sipisopiso Waterfall was 90% of the reason that North Sumatra ranked highly on my list when deciding where to go during Chinese New Year (2016) and it didn’t disappoint.  Overall I found Sumatra slow to travel in due to poor roads and that limited how many waterfalls I was able to visit.  I ended up being able to visit 6 waterfalls and 4 of those were absolutely amazing.  We were also lucky and happened to be exactly at the right place to find the almost completely unknown and very nice Sidompak Waterfall.  At Bukit Lawang we were able to see orangutans and camp in the jungle.  I know of many other nice waterfalls to visit in North Sumatra and hope that I will be able to visit again and add to this list.

Bukit Lawang (Gunung Leuser Nat’l Park)

Dua Warna (Two Color) Waterfall

Pelaruga (Tongkat) Waterfall

Ponot Waterfall

Sidompak Waterfall

Sikulikap Waterfall

Sipisopiso Waterfall

Tongging Village