Watu Ondo Waterfall

Watu Ondo Waterfall was one of my favorite waterfalls on my trip. The trail is well maintained with a constant view of the waterfall all the way down. There is also a second waterfall that falls directly across the narrow valley from the waterfall.

Locally it is known as Coban Watu Ondo – Coban is waterfall in the local language

Height – 69 meters on a couple of websites and my guess was 70-80 meters

Accessibility – The road is in good condition and it is well maintained dirt trail.

How to get there – In Batu turn north and drive towards Air Panas (Hot Spring) Cangar. Coban Ondo will be about 5 minutes after Air Panas Cangar on the right.

Option 1 – rent a motorcycle in Malang (about 80,000 IDR/day)

Option 2 – hire a private car with a driver (600,000-800,000 IDR/day)

The hike – The hike is almost all stone stairs down to the base of the waterfall. They have done a nice job with landscaping next to the trail with many flower bushes and there are benches to rest at. About halfway down there is a 1 minute trail to an overlook. Right next to the overlook is a smaller waterfall that is right across the valley from Watu Ondo Waterfall. At the bottom there are multiple places to get into the water but it isn’t really deep enough to swim.

Guides – not needed

Entrance fee – 10,000 IDR/person and 3000 for motorbike parking

GPS data – S7.734609 E112.529935

Date visited – 9/15/2016

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