Talun Waterfall

Talun Waterfall is a really nice waterfall that appears to be less visited than the nearby and much more popular Rondo Waterfall. The trail isn’t long but there is a lot of variation as it goes across a meadow, through a pine forest and descends into a stunning gorge with the waterfall.

Locally it is known as Coban Talun – Coban is waterfall in the local language

Height – 75 meters on a couple of websites (my guess is 30 meters and one of us is very wrong)

Accessibility – The road is in good condition and it is well maintained dirt trail.

How to get there – In Batu turn north and drive towards Air Panas (Hot Spring) Cangar. In 8 km from Alun Alun Batu intersection there will be a sign for Coban Talun on the left. Follow this road for a few minutes until you pass through the entrance gate.

Option 1 – rent a motorcycle in Malang (about 80,000 IDR/day)

Option 2 – hire a private car with a driver (600,000-800,000 IDR/day)

The hike – The isn’t look but there is a lot of variety. Start at the restaurant next to the motorcycle parking and through a small meadow with some bathrooms. Cross the stream and turn back (follow the signs) going downstream over a wooden bridge. The dirt trail goes through a pine forest for about 100 meters and then descends to the waterfall. At the waterfall there are many viewpoints and a few places to swim.

Guides – not needed

Entrance fee – 7,500 IDR/person and 3000 for motorbike parking

GPS data – S7.805087 E112.516992

Date visited – 9/15/2016

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