Seweru Waterfall

Seweru Waterfall isn’t as easy to get to as other waterfalls nor is it a tall waterfall but it is a beautiful little canyon that you might have all to yourself. Most of the waterfalls I visited were overbuilt tourist destinations with short hikes. Seweru Waterfall was a little longer and quite challenging to get to. This is just how I like it.

Seweru Waterfall also has many names. On Google Maps and at the trailhead it is referred to Kedung Malem Waterfall. A road sign directs you to Selampir Waterfall. The name Serondo is also used online.

Height – my guess was 10-12 meters

Rating and length – moderately easy – <2 hours (relaxed pace)

Accessibility – Small rough roads – A very challenging trail and at the end you will need to walk in the creek on slippery rocks

How to get there – You will need private transport to go to Seweru Waterfall

Option 1 – rent a motorcycle (about 80,000 IDR/day)

Option 2 – hire a private car with a driver (600,000-800,000 IDR/day)

The hike – The starts down a new concrete path but turns onto dirt path before the concrete ends. There are a couple of unsigned junctions and the dirt path descends down the hill to a narrow canyon. Just before entering the canyon there are some rebar anchors in the cliff to assist you through a slippery spot. After this you follow the creak upstream

Guides – a local man just walked with us and never asked for money – we paid 40,000 IDR and were happy to have him along for the hike

Entrance fee – I don’t remember but it was probably the typical 10,000 IDR/person

GPS data – S7.747693 E111.705997

Date visited – 9/17/2016

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