Sedudo Waterfall

Sedudo Waterfall regularly shows up on Best of Indonesia or Java waterfall lists but it doesn’t really deliver imo aside from being really tall. The area is quite beautiful and I am really interested in checking out nearby Singokromo Waterfall next time. In addition to that Mt Willis (Gunung Ngilman) has at least 2 dozen waterfalls surrounding it.

Height – 105 meters – my guess was 100+ meters

Accessibility – paved road and stone stairs

How to get there – You will need private transport to go to Sedudo Waterfall

Option 1 – rent a motorcycle (about 80,000 IDR/day)

Option 2 – hire a private car with a driver (600,000-800,000 IDR/day)

The hike – Just go down a set of stairs to the waterfall.

Guides – not needed

Entrance fee – 10,000 IDR/person

GPS data – S7.781453 E111.757668

Date visited – 9/17/2016

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