Rondo Waterfall

Rondo Waterfall is a popular waterfall near Batu. There isn’t much of a hike but it is an impressive waterfall at a cooler elevation. It is also one of the more expensive waterfalls to visit and there are several other activities (didn’t look great though) that can be done.

Rondo Waterfall is known locally as Coban Rondo. Coban is waterfall in the local language.

Height – Most internet sources say 84 meters – My guess was 50-60 meters

Accessibility – A bumpy but fine road and a very short concrete trail

How to get there – Continue up the mountain from Batu and turn left at a Coban Rondo sign in a small village. Enter the recreation area and follow the road all the way to the end.

The hike – It is an easy 100 meter long concrete path to the waterfall.

Guides – not needed at all

Entrance fee – 25,000 IDR (foreigners) 16,000 IDR (Indonesians)

Date visited – 9/15/2016

GPS data – S7.883772 E112.476468

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