Pelangi Waterfall

Pelangi Waterfall is a frequent stop for Mt Bromo tours organized in Malang. It isn’t as tall or as impressive as Madakaripura Waterfall on Mt Bromo’s northern slope but it is quite spectacular in its own right. Pelangi Waterfall is part of a beautiful valley and I was impressed by the locals attempts to keep the place clean (it isn’t perfect). There are frequent concrete garbage cans along the trail and I saw an old couple carrying several garbage bags up (and burning some) at the end of the day.

Locally it is known as Coban Pelangi and translates to Rainbow Waterfall.

Height – Internet sources mention 30m, >100m and 110m. I can assure you that 30 meters is incorrect. My guess was 80 meters and I felt conservative at the time.

Accessibility – located on the road to Mt Bromo and it is a dirt (sometimes muddy) trail in good condition

How to get there – I don’t think there are any public transportation options. You will need your own transport or to join a Mt Bromo tour.

Option 1 – rent a motorcycle in Malang (about 80,000 IDR/day)

Option 2 – hire a private car with a driver (600,000-800,000 IDR/day)

Option 3 – book a Mt Bromo tour from Malang (most stop at Pelangi Waterfall on the return trip)

The hike – the trail is easy and straightforward. Follow the dirt path down to the river. Along the way there are two sets of bathrooms and possibly a drink stand or two (if it is busy). At the river cross the wooden bridge and in a few minutes you are at the waterfall.

Guides – not needed

Entrance fee – my ticket says 15,000 IDR but I don’t remember it being that much

GPS data – S8.011229 E112.864862

Date visited – 9/14/2016

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