Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in southern Bali but it remains off the beaten path.  It will take a little more than 1 hour from Ubud but the trip takes you through beautiful small villages and farms.  My driver pointed out several signs that indicated ‘no development zones’ and there wasn’t even a shed in the rice fields in those areas.  There might be other tourists but not nearly as many as at Tegenungan Waterfall.  I saw couple of Balinese groups and a Spanish couple that was counting the stairs in Spanish.  It isn’t a very long hike but you go down 486 stairs and drop 125 meters of elevation in 0.75 kms.  There are also some of the biggest stairs that I have ever seen.

Rating and difficulty – moderately difficult – 1.5 kms – 1-2 hours

How to get there – Go west from Ubud for 3-4 kms until you find the road to Pelaga.  Follow this road north until you arrive in the small village of Nungnung.  Turn right and follow the small road 0.5 km to a ticket booth.  After buying your ticket you can drive a couple hundred more meters to the parking area.  Drinks are available at the parking area.

The hike – start at the stone gate and head downhill.  There are no junctions on the path but you can stop at two small pavilions to rest.  Shortly after crossing a small bridge there will be a small waterfall on the left and the main waterfall is around the corner.  Swimming isn’t really an option here since the water is a silty brown color and fairly fast moving.

Entrance cost – 10,000 IDR

Guides – not needed and not available

GPS – parking S8.331555 E115.228152 – waterfall S8.329873 E115.229078

Date visited – 6/22/2015

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